The following video is a Rebel News Production Bombarded With Propaganda To Normalize Bug Eating by Rebel News

Every day, we are bombarded with propaganda attempting to normalize bug eating.

The World Economic Forum has been at the forefront of promoting the consumption of insects for years now, advocating that eating bugs is the way of the future, is sustainable and will help fight climate change, and will improve human health.

From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking expert help on establishing best practices for humans and animals to eat bugs in Canada to educating kids in the U.K. about "alternative proteins", the push to encourage people to eat bugs is expanding on a global scale — this must be stopped!

Additionally, insects may have parasites, making them dangerous to eat. But, of course, our WEF globlest elites including Canadian Prime Minister and the World Economic Forum, WEF, don't want you to know that, and they don't care because they won't be eating them. Do you really think Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will sit down at a restaurant and eat a big plate of bugs smothered in barbeque sauce? Absolutely not. Maybe for a photo opportunity to convince people. He is only wanting BUG EATING for the common people of Canada, the ordinary person, "NOT HIM OR HIS FAMILY Or THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD".

Eating BUGS is not the answer! The main reason for a potential need to change peoples want for meat is that of an environmental problem, There are huge tracks of vegetation and water that are being used for cattle farming, vast forest have been removed, the same vegetation and water that people need to survive. Significant treed wilderness have all be cut down in order to keep the growing population desire for meat served at the dinner table. This has created a huge beef farming industry and other cattle farmed for the meat that takes a lot out of the environment to produce. This has created a major problem for global warming by not only taking away earths natural environmental defenses such as trees which serve the great purpose for the clean air we breath but also takes clean drinking water used to farm animals. For the world population the biggest challenge is to try to reduce the numbers of these animals being farmed for meat as most farmed animals give out methane gas that is harmful to humans on this planet.. the solution is " NOT BUGS " but to begin a culture of accepting high protein diets from naturally occurring vegetables and tofu.. Broccoli, eggs, beans, onions and spices can be made to taste exactly like beef but without impact to the environment. These beef free products would be easily accepted by people in favor of a healthy planet.. with the odd person paying a major price increase for beef. So many products can be developed that are environmentally friendly and taste good that can be served at the dinner table "Without the use of Bugs as Food.

EATING BUGS is a stupid idea, brought to you by stupid people and stupid world leaders, for the perceived need to feed the people of Canada.

If you are equally repulsed by the idea of incorporating creepy crawlies into your diet, please sign the Rebel News petition.

Canadians and the World simply need another menu that does not contain BUGS as food.
It is called:

"Bombarded With Propaganda To Normalize Bug Eating"

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