The following video takes a look at ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight - FOX NEWS’ host and what he says regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's response to trucker protests is a 'defining moment' for history. Tucker Carlson called Trudeau a “Stalinist dictator” who “suspended democracy and declared Canada a dictatorship. This guy nailed it! Everyone in Canada needs to be extremely concerned about the Adolf Hitler NAZI Canadian Democracy. The solution is to remove the elected party system and establish independent elected Members of Parliament to run Canada. No more Liberal Party of Canada, Conservative Party of Canada or NDP. Canadians no longer need a government political party system that does not follow the will of the people. The democratic system is outdated and needs a new start. Remove the parasites from Canada once and for all. Interesting for many to see. Please un-mute the sound to hear the audio and expand the video to full screen if you like.
It is called:

Tucker Carlson Fox News: Trudeau has declared Canada a Dictatorship..

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